BlogFeeder Imports

Meet the NEW BlogFeeder! June 21, 2014 09:18

Links to sample imports

We're so excited to announce that BlogFeeder 2.0® has been launched! The new BlogFeeder has learned some really cool new tricks - check out our ShopStorm blog post on the new features!

This also means that we're ready to bring you sample imports so that you can see how BlogFeeder formats imported posts from several different blogs. Please note that you can use BlogFeeder to import posts into a single Shopify blog, or into as many blogs as you want! We've simply imported posts into their own blogs so that you can see what imports from different platforms will look like.

Here are links to the most common types of imports that BlogFeeder does. Even if the platform you're using isn't listed here, don't worry! BlogFeeder can import anything that has an RSS feed, so it may work for you. Note that we may have paused some of these from synchronizing to avoid having trillions of blog posts. However, BlogFeeder will keep your blog synched with Shopify automatically!

Coming Soon! May 18, 2014 23:00

If you're here, you're probably looking for our BlogFeeder® sample posts. We're very sorry to disappoint, as we've temporarily removed them. However, it's for a great reason!

In the next couple of weeks, we'll be launching an entirely new version of BlogFeeder! We're really excited for this, but it's not quite ready at the moment. We want to put our best foot forward and showcase all of the awesome import and performance enhancements we've made to the app, as we've put all of the feedback we've gotten from our super customers to good use.

What does BlogFeeder do now?

Right now, BlogFeeder allows you to import posts from any blog and keep them synced with your Shopify blog. As blogging in Shopify isn't really ideal, we know a lot of people are looking for alternatives.

Keep blogging using Tumblr, WordPress, Blogger, Pinterest, or other platforms! We know they're very easy to use and you probably love sharing content with them. BlogFeeder will import your posts from each of these sources into a Shopify blog and routinely check for new posts. You can blog in an easy-to-use platform on the go while keeping your content synced with your Shopify site.

You'll also benefit from having content on the same site as your products, which provides a couple of positives for your Shopify store. First, customers are reading posts on the same site as your store so that you don't have to send them to an external blog and take the risk that they won't return. Second, you get a slight SEO bump from having more indexable content on your Shopify site. While the benefit isn't as great as generating your own original content on your Shopify blog, you'll still get an SEO boost that you wouldn't otherwise have without blog content.

We've also made sure that search engines know that the imported posts are not duplicated content, so that any negative SEO risks are entirely mitigated. We use canonical tags to tell search engines where the content originally comes from so that you're not penalized for plagiarism. You can help your SEO efforts even more by having links back to your Shopify site from the original blog post source.


What will BlogFeeder 2.0 do?

While BlogFeeder is already a great tool for importing and syncing posts between platforms, we know we can always make it better. Thanks to all of our awesome customers that have given us feedback and suggestions.

BlogFeeder 2.0 will move the app into your Shopify admin so that you no longer have to go to our external site to access the app! You'll be able to add feeds and import posts while managing your Shopify store.

We've also improved performance and speed. BlogFeeder now features better import checks and a performance-tuned import engine to make sure the import schedule is as reliable as possible. We've rebuilt the entire app to make sure we can find and include all relevant post information while keeping it as speedy as we can.

We've also changed the way imports work so that you can import multiple feeds into the same Shopify blog - no more creating a blog for each feed!

Finally, we've rethought our integrations with several popular platforms to make sure we pull in as much post data as possible. For example, we've worked around the 20-post limit in Tumblr and included more post details while importing tumblogs.

We're reaaaaallly excited to share all of these upgrades with you! Keep an eye on the ShopStorm blog to get first dibs on BlogFeeder 2.0 when it's launched.