Meet the NEW BlogFeeder! June 21, 2014 17:18

Links to sample imports

We're so excited to announce that BlogFeeder 2.0® has been launched! The new BlogFeeder has learned some really cool new tricks - check out our ShopStorm blog post on the new features!

This also means that we're ready to bring you sample imports so that you can see how BlogFeeder formats imported posts from several different blogs. Please note that you can use BlogFeeder to import posts into a single Shopify blog, or into as many blogs as you want! We've simply imported posts into their own blogs so that you can see what imports from different platforms will look like.

Here are links to the most common types of imports that BlogFeeder does. Even if the platform you're using isn't listed here, don't worry! BlogFeeder can import anything that has an RSS feed, so it may work for you. Note that we may have paused some of these from synchronizing to avoid having trillions of blog posts. However, BlogFeeder will keep your blog synched with Shopify automatically!