It’s Back! Happy Ending Pinterest Support June 18, 2014 07:56

Attention, Happy Ending App users! We’re happy to announce that we’ve just added one of our most popular feature requests to the app: Pinterest support.

If you’re not already using Happy Ending, check it out! The app allows you to customize your “Thank You” page so that you’re not stuck with the boring Shopify template that essentially wastes your customers’ time. Instead, the Happy Ending app allows you to make your “Thank You” page engaging and social by including the ability to pin products, connect on Facebook, tweet about purchases, view thank you videos from YouTube and Vimeo, subscribe to your newsletter, and more!

Using Happy Ending Pinterest fields

When you log in to use Happy Ending you’ll now see a Pinterest field in which you can put your username:

Add Pinterest to Happy Ending

Add Pinterest to your Thank You page

This will add the Happy Ending Pinterest field to the “Thank You” page. Customers will then be able to select the product from their order they’d like to pin and click the “Pin it!” button.

Happy Ending Pinterest select product

This will open up a new window for them to log into Pinterest. If they’re already logged in, then they can simply add the product the board of their choice:

Happy Ending Pin Products

That’s it! The Pinterest integration is back and easy to use :) . Pin away!

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