New: Happy Ending App May 21, 2014 12:30

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently acquired the Happy Ending app from Holstee! The Holstee team (under the Simple Apps brand) did a great job of growing the app and we’re excited to take it to the next level. If you’ve already been using the Happy Ending app, welcome to the ShopStorm community! We’re excited to support and improve upon another quality Shopify App.

Happy Ending helps you to turn customers into fans and brand advocates. You can make your Thank You page work for you with links to Twitter and Facebook. In addition, the app makes it easy to add custom text or YouTube videos so you can personally thank customers for being a valued part of your business. Create an experience that reflects who you are as a company while getting involved with your customers.

Here are just a few cool features:

  • Add social links to your ‘Thank You’ page to get customers involved with your brand
  • Personalize your order confirmation with a friendly message to your customers
  • Turn your happy customers into friends and fans of your shop

As we get familiar with current customers, we’d love to hear if you have comments or suggestions for improving the experience with this app! You can leave a comment to let us know your thoughts or get in touch via our Contact page. We know that many of you have been asking for Pinterest support, so this will be one of the first items on our roadmap.

Welcome again to current Happy Ending users! If you haven’t tried it already, sign up for Happy Ending and improve your customers’ purchasing experience!

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