Customer Happiness – November 2014 December 04, 2014 03:00

It’s time for us to reflect on our customer service performance for November, and we share our support metrics to be as transparent as possible about our support system and service. We made improvements in October, and our goal was continue making progress on ticket response times and replies within 12 hours in November.

We didn’t meet our goals this month, but we’re not as disappointed about missing this month. November saw a huge increase in tickets opened, so we were able to hold the line despite this surge.

Here’s how November compared to our our October report:

Number % Change
Customers Helped 269 increased 17%
Tickets Opened 425 increased 34%
Happiness Rating 100% no change
Satisfaction Rating 100% no change
Average Time to First Reply 8h 54m increased 9.7%
Average Replies per Ticket 2.49 increased 36%
Average Response Time 11h 02m increased 7.5%
Percent Replies within 12hr 76% decreased 9%


We maintained our happiness rating this month, which we’re most excited about. Thanks so much to each of you that take the take to rate our tickets and leave comments! It’s so great to hear that we’re able to ensure that your store is running smoothly.

ShopStorm happiness rating

If you’d like to leave us a rating, you can click the rating notice at the bottom of our emails. You’ll be rating whichever team member the email is from.


Despite a 34% increase in tickets opened, we managed to keep support response times to a less than 10% increase. While we’re still not happy about any increases in response time, we’ll take it, as we saw several complex tickets this month while merchants were prepping for holiday sales. We also had most of our team on holiday in the US over Thanksgiving as well, which impacted these metrics.


We’re not very happy about the decrease in the amount of replies within 12 hours. We don’t expect 100% here as our support team isn’t in over the weekends, but we also want to be better than 3 in 4 tickets, so this will definitely be a focus in December.

While we did experience high ticket volume this month, we expected this and would have liked to respond without any increase in support times.


While November is always the toughest support month of the year for eCommerce sites, we expected increased ticket volume, and were not happy with our decrease in answers within 12 hours. We plan to ensure that we both communicate better while our development team is investigating issues, as well as resume our staggered support schedule until the Christmas holiday.

Best of luck to each of you with your holiday selling! We hope Cyber Monday sales were a success :) .

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