Customer Happiness – December 2014 January 05, 2015 03:00

We’re reflecting today on our support team’s metrics for December, and we share them with you to be up-front and transparent about how our team and customer service system works. As December is always a tough time with the holiday season and many team members taking vacation time with family and friends, we knew that meeting our response time goals would be difficult.

We were able to keep our metrics consistent with November, but we didn’t make the improvements in responses that we’d wanted to. Our goal was to answer more tickets within twelve hours, which proved to be very difficult over the Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s Holidays.

Here’s how December compared to our our November report:

Number % Change
Customers Helped 236 decreased 14%
Tickets Opened 357 decreased 15%
Happiness Rating 100% no change
Satisfaction Rating 100% no change
Average Time to First Reply 9h 05m increased 2%
Average Replies per Ticket 2.43 decreased 2.4%
Average Response Time 11h 14m increased 1.8%
Percent Replies within 12hr 72% decreased 4%


We maintained our 100% happiness rating with ratings from 10% of our customers this month. This is huge for us, as the most important thing to our support team is making sure our customers get the answers to their questions.

If you’d like to leave us a rating, you can click the rating notice at the bottom of our emails. You’ll be rating whichever team member the email is from.


We were able to resolve tickets with fewer replies, but we aren’t happy yet with our response times.


Our major goal was to answer more emails within 12 hours this month, and we’re unhappy that we weren’t able to meet it. We knew decreasing average support time over the holidays would be difficult, as our team was celebrating with family for a few days over the holidays, but we were confident that we could improve the percentage of replies within 12 hours. Needless to say, this will be a goal we’re renewing for January.


Our goals for January include decreasing the average response time, and increasing the number of replies sent within 12 hours. We’re also working on some major changes to Product Customizer, which should help alleviate the need for some support requests. While this probably won’t be out by the end of January, the questions our customers ask have been really helpful in letting us know what changes are important to you, so keep them coming :) .

Best wishes for a successful 2015, and Happy New Year!

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