Bringin’ it Back: Shopify Instagram integration November 17, 2014 03:00

Instagram unceremoniously dropped support for their hashtag feed a couple of months ago, which unfortunately broke the way our BlogFeeder app imported photos from a hashtag. We had to remove Instagram support from BlogFeeder because of this, but we’re very happy to announce that we’ve re-added support for Instagram! We’ve even expanded the Shopify Instagram integration with BlogFeeder with our newest update.

BlogFeeder can now import photos from both Instagram tags and user accounts into your Shopify blog. You simply enter the Instagram profile URL for a user to add a new feed:

BlogFeeder Instagram User

Import photos for a user

This will import photos for this user and keep them synched in the future. You can check this out in our demo shop, where we’ve imported some Instagram photos from the Shopify account.

You can also import all photos for a particular hashtag, which was previously included in BlogFeeder. Add the URL (replacing “hashtag” with the appropriate tag) to import these photos into your Shopify blog. This will import all photos with that hashtag, not just your own. We’ve found this to be pretty cool to feature customer images using your store’s hashtag (make it unique!).

BlogFeeder Instagram Shopify Import

Import photos from a tag

Our demo shop also has an example of this with some #tbt photos.

Ready to get started? Check out our documentation and start importing! :)

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