Customer Happiness – October 2014 November 06, 2014 03:00

The beginning of a new months means it’s time for us to reflect again on our performance for the previous month. September was a rough month for our support team due to an office relocation, so we were keen to get back into the game and improve our support metrics for October.

Our goals from September were to reduce our ticket handle times and to increase the number of replies that are sent within 12 hours. We’ve met both this month, and will continue to make progress in November.

Here’s how October compared to our our September report:

Number % Change
Customers Helped 227 increased 11%
Tickets Opened 317 increased 15%
Happiness Rating 100% increased 5%
Satisfaction Rating 100% no change
Average Time to First Reply 7h 42m decreased 2.3%
Average Replies per Ticket 2.31 increased 30%
Average Response Time 10h 18m decreased 14%
Percent Replies within 12hr 84% increased 19%


Despite an increase in overall ticket volume and number of customers helped, we were still able to meet our goals for decreasing ticket handle times this month. We’re very excited about this, and will continue making progress this month on reducing first responses even further. We’ve also managed to answer more tickets within 12 hours than we did the previous month.

We’ve also hit our first one of 100% happiness on ticket ratings! This is something we’re super pumped about, as we had 20 ticket ratings this month, and each was rated at “great” by our customers.


We took a bit more back and forth to answer tickets this month, as we had some more complex questions about the new Shopify checkout. However, we were still able to keep response times lower.

While we’re happy with the decrease in response times, they’re still higher than we’d like them to be.


We’ll continue to reduce ticket response times this month until we’re answering most of within 12 hours, and that a first response is sent within 4-5 hours of a ticket open.

We’re also looking forward to maintaining our happiness rating for this month, and really appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten so far! It really brightens our day doing support when we can hear what we’ve done well or what needs improvement from customers.

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