Featured in Shopify Masters App guide December 17, 2014 03:00

Looking for new apps for your Shopify store? We wanted to fill you in on a fantastic resource that was just released.

Shopify Masters runs a great podcast geared towards helping you make your Shopify store run more effectively, and they also post helpful guides for store owners. The newly released Shopify App Guide is designed to provide the top apps that help Shopify entrepreneurs to succeed:

[The app guide is] a curated run down of some of the top apps that successful Shopify entrepreneurs include in their Ultimate App Toolbelt to run their businesses…

Our own Product Customizer app has been featured in the guide, along with several other useful tools.

The best part about this guide is that you can get special offers or extended trials for many of the apps listed. Not only are you getting a curated list of quality apps, but you can save some cash while giving them a try to gauge their impact on your store. The relatively new Forwards app is a cool way to provide social rewards, and is one of the apps you can get a great discount on.

Go check out the App Guide to power up your store!

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