Customer Happiness – August 2014 September 05, 2014 04:00

Hello, ShopStorm fans! It’s time to share our support metrics for August. We’ve made some improvements but had slight setbacks in some other areas, so we’ve got updated statistics and goals below.

Our core development team has been hard at work on some exciting stuff, so they’ve had less availability for complex support tickets than they have in previous months, which has slowed down our average response time a bit. We’re hoping to pick this response time back up this month.

We’ve also been working on updating our theme installation guide for Product Customizer, which has helped to cut down on our number of tickets. We’re definitely curious to see if this helps with tickets in September.

Here are some of the most important metrics, and how they compare to July’s report:

Number % Change
Customers Helped 187 decreased 17%
Tickets Opened 272 decreased 14%
Happiness Rating 95% increased 8%
Satisfaction Rating 95% increased 1%
Average Time to First Reply 6h 03m increased 20%
Average Replies per Ticket 1.69 0% change
Average Response Time 8h 11m increased 12%
Percent Replies within 12hr 77% 0% change

The Good

We wanted to increase happiness ratings to above 90%, and we’re really happy to have met that goal this month! Almost all support rating this month were “Happy”, with no “Satisfied” ratings and one “Unhappy” rating. This is a really important metric to us, so we’ll constantly be shooting for 100% happiness whenever possible.

We’re also happy that we’ve been able to keep the number of replies within 12 hours consistent. We’ll be looking to increase this, but for now we’re glad that this was consistent even though average response time increased.

The Bad

As we had our core dev team working on product updates and the support team working on new documentation, we suffered an increase in average response time and time to first reply this month. We think we should be able to keep these times consistent no matter what we’re working on, so we’re trying to make our internal communication on active tickets more effective to address this.


Just kidding. No ugliness here. We do have some goals for next month though.

First, we want to keep our happiness rating consistent at 95%, or improve this even further. We’re glad that you think we’re doing a good job, as our customers are the most important part of our business.

We’ll also look to increase the number of replies within 12 hours to above 80% in September. This is a tough goal since it includes weekends, but we’re nothing if not ambitious smile .

Finally, we’re going to decrease our response times again – our ideal first response should be within 4-5 hours, and our average response time should be under 8 hours to compensate for the delay in tickets over the weekends.

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