Customer Happiness – March 2015 April 07, 2015 03:00

We’re reflecting today on our support team’s metrics for March, and we share them with you to be up-front and transparent about how our team and customer service system works. Our goals from February were: (1) maintain our satisfaction ratings, (2) decrease time to first reply, and (3) increase replies in the first 12 hours.

We hit two of these three goals in March, as we were able to keep satisfaction ratings high and increase the number of replies in the first 12 hours, but we had a slight increase in our time to first reply.

Here’s how March compared to our our February report:

Number % Change
Customers Helped 265 decreased 5%
Tickets Opened 434 decreased 1%
Happiness Rating 97% increased 2%
Satisfaction Rating 99% decreased 1%
Average Time to First Reply 9h 12m increased 2%
Average Replies per Ticket 2.63 increased 64%
Average Response Time 10h 51m decreased 1%
Percent Replies within 12hr 75% increased 2%


We’re pleased that happiness ratings (rated “Great”) increased this month, and that satisfaction ratings (rated “Great” or “Okay”) remained high. March was the third consecutive month in which the number of responses on our satisfaction surveys increased, and we’re grateful to each of you that’s taken the time to submit a rating or leave additional feedback! We’re already at work implementing some of the very helpful suggestions we’ve gotten from customers into our workflow, and we’ve already added better follow-up reminders for our team.

We’re also happy that replies within 12 hours have increased slightly in the past month. This was our major goal, and we’re trying to do a better job of communicating progress even if trickier issues aren’t immediately resolved so that we keep you in the loop.


Our first reply times were a bit disappointing, but this is something we’ll continue to focus on this month. Our tickets in March required a bit more back-and-forth (see average replies per ticket above) to solve, so we’ve recognized that we’d focused more on open tickets than new ones, and we’ll do a better job of balancing this in April to ensure that all emails are answered quicker.


In April, we’ll plan to keep the same goals as March, as we’ve made progress, but not as much as we wanted to. We’ll:

  • maintain our excellent satisfaction rating
  • decrease time to first reply
  • increase replies within 12 hours

Happy Spring to each of you, and hopefully you’re enjoying the improving weather as much as we are!

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