Jilt Re-launched! April 24, 2015 03:00

The unfortunate reality of running an eCommerce store is that 68% of all shopping carts are abandoned. This means that over half of visitors that start checkout — not the ones that just visit, but ones that take action to purchase — will stop purchasing from you. Saving this revenue can make a significant impact on your bottom line, and we’re please to announce that we’ve got an app that will help you do so: Jilt.

Jilt is an abandoned cart solution we acquired in February of this year from its previous developer, Statik Labs. It has already helped merchants recover over $12 million in abandoned revenue, and we’re very excited to continue building the app and roll it into the ShopStorm family.

We’ve completed a complete audit of Jilt’s code and we’ve patched up the issues that sidelined the app, and we’ve now brought it back online, ready to send recovery emails and save carts.

About Jilt

While Shopify offers an abandoned cart email system included in your shop plan, Jilt offers far more capabilities in terms of recovery emails and analysis. You can send multiple recovery emails on your customized schedule, personalize emails with customer name and email, view all abandoned and recovered orders, track email opens to gain insight into which emails are seen and ignored, and view detailed analytics on abandonment, recovered sales (and total value of these recovered orders), and recovery rate.

You can get the full details on the Jilt relaunch from the Jilt blog.

Here are more resources if you’d like to learn more about Jilt:

Signup and Pricing

Jilt has one goal: to help you recover lost revenue. As a result, our pricing is structured around this goal. We offer one plan for all shops: $29.99 per month plus a 5% recovered revenue fee — but we’ll cover the first $1000 in recovered revenue per month without the recovery fee to ensure you get the most out of using Jilt. This way, we don’t charge for arbitrary metrics like emails sent or number of orders recovered. Instead, your price to use Jilt only changes if you can use it to recover more sales.

Let’s say you recover $724.11 the first month you use Jilt. You’ll only pay $29.99 for that month — it doesn’t matter how many stores you use Jilt on, how many emails you send, or how many orders you recovered. The first $1000 recovered in a month is recovery fee-free.

The next month you optimize your Jilt emails and manage to recover $1104.89. This month, you’ll pay $29.99 + 5% of the revenue over $1000, which is $104.89 in this case. Your total for using Jilt will be $29.99 + (0.05 x 104.89) = $35.23.

No paying for emails or campaigns to be able to earn more — Jilt will only scale up as it saves more revenue so abandoned cart recovery stays profitable.

Get Jilt

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