Customer Happiness – September 2015 October 06, 2015 03:00

New month, new support stats review!

Our happiness reports enable us to take a look at our customer service team’s progress from the previous month, and we publish them publicly so that our merchants can see how we’re doing, and so that we can set goals for the next month. Today we’re looking at September’s memtrics.

In September, we wanted to maintain our happiness ratings and response times, which has been our goal for the past couple of months. While we bumped happiness ratings back up, we did fall a bit on our average response time, so this will be a focus for October.

Here’s how September compared to our our August report:

Number % Change
Customers Helped 304 decreased 19%
Conversations Opened 414 increased 2%
Happiness Rating 100% increased 1%
Satisfaction Rating 100% increased 1%
Average Time to First Reply 6h 37m increased 20%
Average Replies per Ticket 3.43 decreased 13%
Average Response Time 9h 4m increased 30%
Percent Replies within 12hr 82% decreased 5%


Our happiness and satisfaction ratings are back at 100% this month, which is always a great feeling. Our first reply time is still within a business day, and average reply time is under 10 hours.


Our response times overall and within 12 hours were negatively impacted this month. We had a couple staff vacations along with a lot of time spent wrapping up our changes to our large Product Customizer update, so it’s not without reason, but we’d tried to shift schedules to compensate, and we didn’t manage to cover everything.

We’ll be working on response times and replies within 12 hours in the coming month to bounce back.


Our goals for October are going to be pretty obvious: maintain happiness ratings, go back to decreasing response times and increasing replies in 12 hours. We are bringing on new teammates this month, so you may also see some new teammates in our help desk — be sure to say hi wink

Have a great October and Halloween!

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